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Robert T Sewell, Ph.D., PMP


Member of Board, Special Assignments,
Advisor to CEO

Dr. Robert T. Sewell is an engineering leader-executive with over 33 years of experience developing and managing a diverse portfolio of technology-based programs and initiatives. Dr. Sewell's specialty is the design and implementation of robust frameworks for risk management, safety and reliability/quality management, business intelligence (BI), geo-spatial intelligence (GsI), and associated decision science and advanced analysis/analytics as applied to complex systems, processes, networks, facilities, infrastructure, and operations. Dr. Sewell is particularly experienced at developing solutions to problems and challenges that require synthesis of multi-disciplined knowledge (including associated modeling [e.g., scientific/phenomenological models, engineering models, and business models], analysis and simulation, and evaluation of uncertainties) involving the various interfaces and influences of stochastic, human, natural, and/or emergent behaviors for systems where performance-based measurement and/or management are desired.

Dr. Sewell received his Ph.D. in engineering from Stanford University, with emphasis in earthquake engineering, probabilistic engineering mechanics, performance-based engineering, and associated risk and decision science.

Dr. Sewell's applied expertise encompasses deep experience with the life-cycle safety management, performance-based assessment, and decision making for structures, energy systems (e.g., nuclear, petroleum, LNG), lifeline systems/networks (e.g., transportation, communication, IT), and other mission-critical facilities (e.g., data centers and computing systems, global corporate facilities), important infrastructure, and operations (e.g., engineering processes, business/corporate processes, global facility management) in the face of natural and man-caused threats. A consistent element and strength in Dr. Sewell's work involves the mining and application of engineering data and advanced analysis, business intelligence and geo-spatial intelligence. In addition to several other international programs and clients, Dr. Sewell has served as principal consultant/specialist, principal investigator and program lead for the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC), the Swiss Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (ENSI), the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and other international nuclear safety organizations and national laboratories. Dr. Sewell has also served in like capacity for several major oil companies, IT companies, risk management organizations, and insurance companies. Dr. Sewell has conceived and led a number of research projects funded by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), the USNRC, the National Science Foundation (NSF), the California Geological Survey (CGS), the US Geological Survey (USGS), and US national laboratories, and has developed and provided formal training courses sponsored by the IAEA, UNESCO, USGS, AEG (Association of Engineering Geologists), ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers), SCEC (Southern California Earthquake Center), and ENSI. Dr. Sewell has also designed and developed a number of commercial software packages for performance-based engineering and risk/decision analytics.

Dr. Sewell is President of R.T. Sewell Associates. Based on his expertise and background, Dr. Sewell advises CivTek International on methods to measure, analyze and manage elements of uncertainty and sources of potential chaos to help insure the desired performance of the solutions and projects that CivTek undertakes and manages on behalf of its clients. As an invited member of CivTek's Board of Directors, Dr. Sewell advises CivTek's top management on realization of CivTek's vision and effective implementation of its mission statement. Additionally, Dr. Sewell participates in the development and fulfillment of joint initiatives and execution of joint engineering programs with CivTek.

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