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If You Are an Investor or Financial Firm


Investors and Financial Firms

CivTek International seeks to expand its robust network of relationships with the banking and investment community. We bring significant investment opportunities in our projects. We have excellent market share by virtue of the exclusive agreements we posses with owners of various disruptive and/or enhanced technologies.

CivTek Synergy Delivers Exceptional Revenue Generating Events 


CivTek skill, knowledge, and relationships create an environment conducive to high potential to generate significant returns on investments (ROI).



Identifies Economically Compelling Business Opportunities (Particularly in Land Development and Energy Markets)

  • Without CivTek, Investors would be unaware of unique opportunities.
  • Package opportunities into ready-to-finance, right-sized investments
  • CivTek quantifies risks and rewards, packaging opportunities into easily understood investment vehicles.

Aligns Capabilities of All Parties to Create Value

  • CivTek orchestrates the interests of many parties for project success and synergy.
  • Accordingly, it aligns the competencies of each party, creating an incentive for each to excel and an environment for each to prosper.

Leads Critical Elements of Project From Pre-Financing to Exit Strategies

  • Throughout the life cycle of a project, CivTek carefully monitors and mitigates risks, protecting investment capital.

Captures Additional Market Share Through Innovative Marketing Solutions

  • Through its marketing expertise, CivTek expands total market opportunity available to each project and intellectual property.

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