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Oil and Gas


1. Integrated business case management and plant operations
2. Continuous operational support after completion of construction
3. Efficient Management of Facilities Data

4. Quality Control – 3D photo-realistic scanning technology (CivTek leading the new way with enhanced profit through minimum downtime).  Verify all major assemblies are dimensionally correct prior to shipment.  Also used in continuous plant operations to minimize shut down times due to replacement parts not fitting (the old costly way)
5. World Leading Seismic Safety Expertise – Business Case Analysis
6. Exceptional Civil/Site Development Experience – Results in cost and schedule savings, maximizes operational efficiencies, maximizes value of earth materials 

7. Process Safety Management (PSM) - PSS, PSM, and PSA Certification are required for all personnel that implement “Process Safety Management
8. Automatic Plant Controls with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s)
9. Logistics Planning – Optimizes Construction Materials Delivery


a)Integrated business case management and plant operations – CivTek conducts an up front Business Case Analysis (BCA) to rigorously establish all parameters of refinery operations. Seismic performance and Tsunami criteria is a critical component to BUSINESS CONTINUITY.
CivTek's Business Case Analysis (BCA) evaluates:
1. Best Management Practices (BMP’s) for Financial Management
2. Regional and Global Factors / Market Outlook
3. Downstream Issues
4. Lights / Heavy Product Differential
5. Refined Products Trade & Transport
6. Refinery Assets & Evaluation
7. Refinery Future Investments & Projects
8. Operating Costs
9. Refinery Profitability
10. Refinery Financial Controls & Appraisals
11. Project & Operations Management Methodology
12. TBL – Evaluate local environmental and social objectives.


a) Determining which products to produce from a barrel of crude is based on daily and weekly market projections of the demand and market-clearing price for each petroleum product that a refinery could possibly make. Refineries must produce products which meet a variety of quality specifications and must respond to seasonal swings in both product demand and quality. For example, in the United States, during winter months, there is an upswing in demand for home heating oil, while in summer months there is an upswing in gasoline demand for vacation driving. Conversely, and somewhat ironically, gasoline produced in the summer, when demand is highest, is more difficult and costly to make, in part because it must be less volatile. The refinery manager must respond appropriately to all these changes in market demand, quality and economics.


The relative quantities of petroleum products produced by a refinery (its "product slate") depend on the complexity of the refinery processes, the market demand and the properties of the crude being refined. The complexity is related to the many operating units that are used to separate the crude into fractions, improve their quality and increase the production of higher-valued products like gasoline, jet fuel, diesel oil and home heating oil. These processes range from the relatively simple crude oil distillation to the more complex ones: vacuum distillation, catalytic reforming, catalytic cracking, alkylation, isomerization and hydro treating.  In general, refineries can be classified as hydro skimming, cracking and deep conversion, in order of both increasing complexity and cost. 


b) Continuous operational support – Linear Programming (LP) & Refinery Support Services (RSS) – Medicine for good operations. CivTek’s experts employ the industry’s Best Management Practices (BMP’s) to monitor, enhance, and keep the refinery healthy and profitable for its service life.  CivTek sends live telemetry (operational data) (CivTek’s “Glass Cockpit” – a Command Central Monitoring and Visualization System)to our server networks so that top industry experts located anywhere in the world may monitor and recommend continued improvement to refinery and plant operations.
  • CivTek also provides training and supervision of refinery staff
c) Efficient Management of Facilities Data – Geographic Information System (GIS) and Automated Mapping / Facility Management (AM/FM) with seamless workflows that tie parts and machinery to condition assessment reports with optimum replacement schedules (Enables Rational Business Cash Flow Management). Ensures proper replacement parts are on hand to minimize shutdowns that cause loss of revenue. See discussions of LP and RSS on next pages.


•Linear Programming (LP) – technique for finding maximum profit value.  LP receives inputs from our BCA, GIS, and AM/FM (Automated Mapping Facility Management) .
•CivTek uses LP in refinery planning to identify with confidence the most profitable refinery-wide operating strategy. 
•LP has reached a very high level of advancement with the meteoric rise in computing power. 
•Implementation of LP involves the development of an integrated LP model representing the refinery operations with all constraints and flexibilities and then solving it to determine the optimum plan.
•The refinery-wide optimization using an LP model has been proven to bring economic gains far higher than unit-specific simulation models or advance process control techniques.
•In short, the LP model is an excellent economic evaluation tool to drive the entire supply chain toward higher profit.

Some of the key areas for LP applications in the oil industry are

•refinery design/configuration
•selection and evaluation of crude oils (feed stock) and raw materials
•long-range and short-term operations planning
•capital investments evaluation for process equipment
•analysis of the profitability of merging and acquisition plans and the creation of ad-hoc models for joint venture refineries
•evaluation of processing agreements and product exchange contracts
•evaluation of new process technologies
•control of the refinery performance
•product blending control
•down-time planning
•inventory management

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