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CEO Thomas Young, PE and CivTek International Featured:


This report was written by Visiangain after interviewing Thomas Young, PE in September of 2011.

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Table of Contents

7.2 CivTek International
7.2.1 CivTek's involvement in Arctic Engineering Projects
7.2.2 The Effect of Harsh Arctic Weather on Materials Such as Steel and Concrete
7.2.3 The Impact of Arctic Conditions on Personnel
7.2.4 The Unique Characteristics of Permafrost Causes Difficulties in Arctic Engineering
7.2.5 CivTek's String Rail Technology
7.2.6 The Speed of Construction of String Rail
7.2.7 The Advantages of String Rail
7.2.8 String Rail Copes With Heavy Oil & Gas Equipment
7.2.9 CivTek's Current String Rail Projects


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