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Real Estate and Land Development

CivTek International’s private real estate equity management and development house focuses on acquisition, development, and value add.


CivTek leads Real Estate and Land Development projects and provides advisory services to parties that acquire interests in real estate.  We  craft strategies to verify, preserve, recover and harvest value from those assets.  We use processes similar to those that created the initial value in our successful land development projects.  While the controlling parties, the economic conditions and the eminent motivations may change, the real estate assets and many of the challenges affecting their value remain much the same.  In all economic conditions, opportunities abound for those who can assemble appropriate assets, resources and technical expertise.

CivTek, in addition to leading its own projects, provides financial and technical expertise to support Investors, Insurance and Risk Management Industries, Property Owners and Asset Managers by independently validating the status and constraints imposed by existing entitlements.  We assess the real viability of existing plans and construction documents, providing mapping and surveying to facilitate conveyance of ownership and containment of risk.  We use existing relationships with public agencies to modify or re-engage entitlements, validate costs, and resolve infrastructure or environmental challenges.  We use our experience in the land development entitlement and engineering processes to give our clients a distinct advantage during acquisition, work-out and sales negotiations.

CivTek's Principals have experience representing the divergent interests of buyers and sellers, developers and builders, public and private entities, lenders and borrowers. This experience includes times of exuberant growth and in times of economic adjustment. We interpret projects so that they appeal to those different interests and structure successful deals that are not obvious from a more narrowly focused vantage point.

We do far more than merely craft a strategy and give advice.  We lead and implement strategies to fruition.  We deliver turn-key entitlement, tentative maps, construction documents, approval processing and permitting, final subdivision mapping and owner's agent construction documents, approval processing and permitting, final subdivision mapping and owner's agent construction supervision.  We  independently monitor and verify the progress and costs of other professionals that are assigned these responsibilities.

CivTek draws from extensive experience of all principal personnel in the Land Development industry.  We bring hands on experience ranging from custom homes to complete master planned communities of almost every conceivable land use and product type with most infrastructure, technical, regulatory and political complexities encountered by projects around the world and in particular Northern and Southern California, Texas, Nevada, Alaska, and Mexico.


Read below for a sampling of real estate developments that CivTek's principals have led:

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