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Healthcare and Resort Hospitals



At every step of design, build, and operation, CivTek International offers unparalleled service and expertise to operate and manage healthcare projects.  Our teams of professionals and experts combine to make CivTek International a best option for turning the modern healthcare vision into reality.


We at CivTek International understand and appreciate that present health care and hospital systems must continue to evolve.  CivTek International is at the forefront of this evolution.  We understand that in order for hospitals to evolve, the approach must be multi-focused; there must be emphasis not only on state-of-the art diagnostic and treatment options, and environmental considerations for personnel, but preventative medical options and the emotional wellbeing of every patient and his/her immediate support network are critical.


We at CivTek International understand and appreciate what is now known about the importance of combining diagnostics, treatment modalities, patient education and participation, preventative medicine, and the environment in the design/build/operation of a hospital. The diagnostics must be state-of-the-art; treatment modalities must offer a combination of Western, Eastern, and holistic approaches; patient education and participation must be a primary focus at every stage and include preventative medicine; and, the environment must be as stress-free and relaxing as possible.  It is this combination, properly executed, that allows current hospital systems to evolve.




Patient Considerations

A hospital, traditionally, is an anxiety-inducing structure, a sterilized and rigid environment that most patients and their support network find unfamiliar and uncomfortable.  The traditional model breeds anxiety, and anxiety breeds stress.  Stress, in turn, reduces the effectiveness of treatment and prolongs healing time.  In a word, stress makes people sick, a fact that is counter to a hospital’s purpose.


To relieve stress, people often seek refuge in relaxing resorts.  By studying the resort model, we clearly find a plethora of stress-reducing concepts in place – everything from the color of the paint and the texture of materials to the architectural design -- is intended to create a peaceful, stress-free environment.  Almost immediately, the human body responds and stress levels decrease.


CivTek International understands the importance of creating a healing environment that incorporates the resort-model.  It aids in healing. Soothing resort atmospheres are at the forefront of our health care design/build/operate considerations.


CivTek International strives for staff and facilities that not only foster healing, but empower the patient to say, “It was an experience akin to a vacation.”


Personnel / Staff Considerations

Not only is the resort-model effective for the patient, it reduces stress-related illness for the hospital’s personnel.  With lives on the line, those in the medical profession are engaged in one of the most stressful professions on the planet.  Creating a work environment that allows for the most efficient and effective delivery of job duties is critical. CivTek International understands that it is also paramount to provide an environment that fosters a reduction of stress for the entire staff.  This, in turn, additionally aids in patient healing by reducing the stress-transfer from personnel to patient.


Market Considerations

Additionally, CivTek International appreciates that with the soaring cost of medical treatment options in the United States and elsewhere, a patient and his or her family often seek services outside of their national or local borders. The “medical tourist” will travel thousands of miles to receive high quality care at dramatically lower costs, with no wait.   This increase in “medical tourism” gives rise to our consideration of the “traveling patient” and the unique “room and board” requirements this necessarily entails.  A resort-like atmosphere not only encourages growth of the patient base world-wide, CivTek International’s design/build/operational concepts provide for these unique considerations as we capitalize on this growing healthcare market. 


Safety & Growth Considerations

By envisioning a “safe by design” concept to offset threats to patient and personnel safety, CivTek International mitigates errors by evidence-based design.  In our design we provide better lighting, reduced noise levels, decentralized nursing stations, and rooms designed for enhanced observation, amongst other innovative considerations. 


CivTek International master-plans facilities for future growth.  We utilize a loose-fit design, adaptable flexibility, convertible flexibility, robust utilities, and plug-and-play infrastructure. 


“Green” Considerations

As a leading developer of “Green Technologies” CivTek International recognizes that hospitals must be healthy places, not only for the occupants, but also for its neighbors and the planet.  We integrate enhanced environmental and health principles and practices into the planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance of each facility.  We evaluate and implement features such as water and energy efficiency, recycled materials, waste management, and operational innovation.  




In order to effectuate the need for patient education and participation, CivTek International understands the importance of creating modalities that ease the burden on personnel yet allow for PEAP at every stage of the medical process.  By incorporating state-of-the-art educational productions available in key locations, each patient and their family members can easily find the information they seek.  And, by designing a communication process with the use of technology (hard and soft), patients and their medical team can conveniently participate in the total care of an individual without usurping the valuable time of medical personnel.


CivTek International comprehends that when it comes to healthcare options, a patient often wants and needs the input and support of those who are closest to them, such as friends and family members.  At every stage of our services, this element is considered and included in design/build/operation considerations.



Patient Considerations

CivTek International and its team are on top of “the best-of-the-best” when it comes to treatment options available to our patients, regardless of the discipline.  We understand the importance of expanding care modalities to include Western, Eastern, and holistic approaches.  These approaches create unique considerations for design/build/operation, and CivTek International is fully equipped in that regard.


Professional Considerations

A hospital that offers “the best-of-the-best” in treatment options becomes a prominent and appealing career option for the best-of-the-best medical professionals.  CivTek International understands the importance of a hospital’s need to attract world class physicians and healers, and likewise includes this consideration during the design/build/operation process.



To design/build/operate a first-class facility that offers state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment requires the expertise that CivTek International delivers.  Without a comprehensive understanding of all of the diagnostic equipment options, a firm cannot adequately accomplish a project of this scale at a level of professionalism that exceeds industry standards.  CivTek International, however, has the required understanding – and incorporates that understanding in its design/build/operate services.

CivTek International prides itself on its commitment to using all the same accreditations and guidelines on its development projects throughout the world.  At present, more than 40 U.S. states and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations reference the Guidelines for licensure or accreditation of healthcare facilities.

In addition, the U.S. federal government will continue to reference the Guidelines in regulating HUD 242 loan guarantee programs and Department of Health and Human Services medical facilities.


Aspects to be given particular consideration include:

  • Therapeutic environments (environment of care, green design and sustainability);
  • IT and healthcare technology and communications (includes patient documentation, imaging);
  • Infection control (includes biohazard control, hand-washing, infection control risk assessments, construction materials);
  • Disaster planning;
  • Safety and security;
  • Dimensional consideration (includes space planning, costs);
  • Energy and cost-effectiveness.


This assures that all insurances and programs are compatible with our latest billing technologies and guidelines. 

CivTek International’s Operation & Management design team is an integral part of the hospital design.  We implement ergonomic technologies and training for a smooth operational “handing over” of facilities from the engineering/construction to the operations team. 

In conclusion, CivTek International prides itself as a turn-key developer of health care facilities. We design, permit, construct, and operate these cutting-edge facilities. 


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